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What is Deep Root Aeration?

We often recommend this method to invigorate a tree's root zone, thus improving its health and vitality. Read here for a description of its importance and HOW TO DO IT YOURSELF.

Deep Root Aeration (PDF)

What is Sudden Oak Death?

Sudden Oak Death has decimated Northern California's oak population, but strides have been made in treatment and prevention. Brende & Lamb provides the service of AgriFos application as a preventative measure. Read all about the disease here:

What kind of tree do I have?

If we come out for an estimate we'll tell you. Also, here is a handy website/tool from the Arbor Day Foundation that helps bring you to an answer:

What kind of tree should I plant?

We don't plant trees, but we do hear this question a lot. First, try making a theoretical best choice list, and then call up the nurseries to see who has what. Here's another handy site from the Arbor Day Foundation to help start the process:

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